"I highly recommend these books..."

“I applied to graduate music school and used your books as a refresher prior to taking the graduate theory tests. I highly recommend these books to anyone who wants a better, clearer, more concise understanding of music theory at any level, including teachers. I am a big fan!”
~Kim Ryan, Cleveland, Ohio~

"Thanks so much for these great theory books!"

“Thanks so much for these great theory books! My students are enjoying them and like the layout of it, too! They give a wonderful overview of each music topic being discussed, whether it’s key signatures, scales, pentachords, music terms, etc. As a teacher, I review the theory with them in lesson and then give them the opportunity to complete the exercises at home. But, the great thing about these books is how self-explanatory they are….so if time runs short, I feel comfortable knowing the books can be reviewed and studied by the student at home. My students are so well prepared when time comes to take the test and have done a wonderful job! Thank you – we all just love them!”
~Jennifer Scott, RMTA~

"The results are amazingly high"

“I just wanted to let you know how much my students and I appreciate your theory books. This year 20 of my students used your books and took the VMTA Theory tests at various levels. The results are amazingly high. 95 % of my students received Superior or Excellent scores!. I used the books also in my group theory classes for the students who were not taking the tests, and the well-organized and self-testing information in your books gave my students the understanding and confidence they needed to take sample tests and do extremely well.”
~ Gabriella Ryan, NCTM, VMTA ~

"My students find The Barss Theory Books...so much fun to learn from"

“My students find The Barss Theory Books very helpful and also so much fun to learn from. Well structured and a big help in preparing students for the state theory exams, these books are a wonderful resource that make incorporating theory in everyday lessons so much easier. Thank you so much for these great books!”
Ruta Smedina Starke, NCTM~

"Your theory books are absolutely fantastic!"

“Your theory books are absolutely fantastic! Even the fact that I’m saying that about a theory book is crazy! I have been taking piano for seven years and love it, but theory has never been something I enjoyed. That has definitely changed. Ever since my teacher has given me your books, I’ve enjoyed doing multiple pages; even extras at times. The way you teach and describe it makes it feel like a real person is talking. It definitely clicks with my learning style.
I told my teacher just today that your books make me want to be an over achiever and do it again on the blank page on the side just to be sure I know it very well. I’ve never had such a firm grasp on all these topics before, or had so much fun learning it. Lastly, I wanted to thank you for putting encouraging words at the end of the pages. It makes me feel proud and like I actually accomplished something worthwhile. Thank you for making theory fun.”
~Lydia Boumbach, Student~

"My students love your books"

“My students love your books. One boy in Level 5 has repeatedly told me that your books are ‘so much better’ than the ones we used before. (The series I used in the past moved quicker and was more advanced than was necessary for each level of the VMTA syllabus.) I have one very young boy (6 years old) who in the first theory lesson where in the Level 1A and 1B Book you present the treble staff lines and teach them, Elvis’s Guitar Broke Down Friday, chose to use that as his memory devise. I also taught them the stereotypical Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge, or whatever) since that is commonly used in music class in public schools – but he was quite taken with yours when I explained who Elvis was. Of course to him, even though he would likely have no knowledge of the original Elvis – the sentence was far more interesting anyway.
As a teacher, I love that you think the way I do. Certain skills can be taught with some easy, quick ideas such as the way you teach spelling harmonic minor scale to the Level 4 kids. So accurate, and the concept solidifies so nicely once they study minor key signatures later in the book. And I love that I can be very concise and clear with each lesson since your books coordinate exactly with the syllabus.”
~Narciso Solero, Arlington, VA~

"Your books are so comprehensive"

“Your books are so comprehensive, and my students love them! What a great service to your fellow teachers!”
~Wysor Gearhart~